Up to a Gazillion

One in a Million – One in a Billion,
maybe Up to a Gazillion?
Lotto, Lightning, Not the Case,
Talking ‘bout a Parking Space.

Parking Lot on this Date,
seemed as Large as a Small State.
Filled with Cars for Miles and Miles,
People walking without Smiles.

Drove my Family to the Gate,
this is Where I met my Fate.
After dropping Off my Guys,
just Could Not believe my Eyes!

Dreading the Upcoming Hunt,
spied the Closest Spot to Front.
The first Thought that Hit this Bloke,
it has Got to be Joke.

Signs for Sure erase this Shot,
Employee of the Month I’m Not.
Thought of Ways that I might Steal,
but the Opening was Real!

Honks behind Moved me to Action,
hit the Gas and Got some Traction.
Slipped in There so Nice and Clean,
can’t Believe this Parking Scene.

One more Look to Marvel Some,
brief Walk then and I was Numb,
Bought the Ticket and must Say,
thought the Car’d be Towed Away.

Hours passed and I Swear,
when Returned it Still was There!
First time Since this had Begun,
I felt Like the Chosen One!!!

If I had Big Bucks to Burn,
Course of Action I would Yearn.
Buy a Fleet and every Day,
trade a Car in Parking Play.

I suppose If had that Dough,
the Solution don’t you Know,
Buy the Spot in Seconds Flat,
but Where’s the Real Fun in That?


Author: Bob Grant