A Stained Memory

Life is Filled with Memories,
Come and Go so Cleverly.
Some are Good – Some are Bad,
Some are Happy – Some are Sad.

In my Case my Brain is Drained,
by a Memory that is Stained.
When I Walk to my Garage,
reliving It in a Barrage.

Offered to Run her a Bath,
secretly I did the Math.
Poured in Bubbles to the Max,
hoping that She would Relax.

Got distracted For a While,
reliving Now is Quite a Trial.
Then there Was a Little Hitch,
ain’t no Auto Turn Off Switch.

Water and Bubbles Overflowed
into Garage it Sure did Load.
Ran down Only there to Find,
was Not the Ending had in Mind.

To this Day the Stain remains,
and This photo Gives me Pains.
Plans that Day were never Met,
for What I hoped Was a Sure Bet.

Bathtub God – There must be One,
Symbols left When deed was Done.
Explanation not Met Yet,
Big-nosed Shark and Tiny Net????


Author: Bob Grant