Bobambic Grantameter

Grab a Syllable or Two,
Add some More is What you Do.
Stress them Up – Unstress them Down,
Bobambic Foot is your Playground.

Then you Ask those Feet to Walk,
Imagination never Block.
Rhythm then Starts in your Head,
Metallica to Grateful Dead.

Rhyming Words are Sure the Key,
In this Style I Share for Free.
One at Least to End each Line,
Assign some More to Intertwine.

Add some Humor – Add some Fact,
Insult them All or Add some Tact.
Make it Brief or Make it Long,
Make it Shallow – Make it Strong.

Main Point in my Rhyming Drawl,
Ain’t No Rules here at All.
No way You can Be a Cheater,
With Bobambic Grantameter.


Author: Bob Grant