Hoodie Play

I’m partial to the Zip-up Hoodie,
Wear It like a Hoodie Should-be!
Cool in Front – Warm in Back.
I’m a Hoodie Maniac.

Quarter Zip or Over-the-Head,
“Just not Right” this Rhymer Said.
Slip, Fit, and Zip the Key,
Easy Peasy – One, Two, Three.

Those that Wore the other Styles,
Saw no Reason for their Smiles.
Now through Time and Aging Shine,
Reached across that Zipper Line.

Heard what They all Had to Say,
How Together we might Play.
Though I stayed in Zipper Mode,
Crossed that Aisle – Concession Code.

Protests, Logos, Crazy Scrawl,
I will Tolerate it All.
Embrace the Hood Diversity,
Stand against Perversity.

Together we’ll All get Along,
Wear our Hoodies and be Strong.
And some Where along the Way,
Show all What is ”Hoodie Play.”


Author: Bob Grant